Chlorophyll is often referred to as "liquid sunshine". Chlorophyll is found in all green plants and is used by them to convert sunlight into usable energy.

On a molecular level, chlorophyll is very similar to human blood. It is cleansing for our organs, delivers oxygen to all of our tissues, and encourages the growth of good aerobic intestinal bacteria, in which most westerners are severely deficient. Foods containing chlorophyll are extremely alkalizing. An alkaline body is more resistant to disease, while an acidic body encourages disease, including cancer.

When cooked, chlorophyll is chemically altered or destroyed, so eating green vegetables raw is ideal. However, many of the healing properties of chlorophyll may be preserved when green vegetables are steamed for under 5 minutes.

Health Benefits of Chlorophyll

Antibacterial Delivers oxygen to the intestines, promoting good aerobic bacteria and discouraging bad anaerobic bacteria. Fights bacterial infection in wounds.
Antifungal Helps destroy internal fungus.
Blood Improves blood count. Purifies the blood. Counteracts toxins. Fights anemia and hemophilia.
Body Odor Helps eliminate body odor.
Circulation Improves circulation, especially to the legs.
Colon Cleanses intestinal tissue. Promotes good intestinal bacteria.
Eyes/Vision Improves vision.
Gallbladder Has a cleansing effect which helps prevent gallbladder disorders.
Heart Fights and prevents arteriosclerosis.
Menstruation/PMS Relieves menstrual symptoms.
Pregnancy/Postnatal Improves milk production.
Skin Helps sores and wounds heal faster and fights bacteria.
Stomach Soothes ulcers.
Teeth and Gums Cleans and strengthens teeth and gums. Reduces bad breath.

Food Sources of Chlorophyll

Bell Peppers N/A N/A Found in green bell peppers.
Broccoli N/A N/A Make sure to eat raw or very lightly steamed.
Brussels Sprouts N/A N/A Make sure to eat raw or very lightly steamed.
Grasses N/A N/A Juiced grasses, such as wheat grass and barley grass, are excellent sources of concentrated chlorophyll.
Kelp N/A N/A All sea vegetables are excellent concentrated sources of chlorophyll.
Leafy Greens - General N/A N/A All green plants, but especially the leaves, are major sources of chlorophyll.
Spirulina N/A N/A All algae are excellent concentrated sources of chlorophyll.