Teeth and Gums

Despite this age of modern dentistry, tooth decay and gum disease are rampant. Most people accept bad breath, cavities, root canals, and dentures as a natural part of life, but it is the standard American diet of processed starches and refined sugars is the biggest factor in our poor dental health.

In Green for Life Victoria Boutenko writes about an overlooked factor in teeth and gum health - chewing. Cooked and processed foods are soft and require almost no chewing. In children, this lack of chewing can prevent the jaw from developing correctly and lead to overcrowded teeth. A Myo-Munchie can give you the benefit of chewing that you may not be getting from your food.

Beneficial Foods

Coconut Oil Rub oil along gums to kill bacteria (Eating For Beauty, by David Wolfe).
Grasses Chewing on wild grasses helps to fight tooth decay.
Nettles Help repair damaged teeth due to high silicon content.
Raisins Kill bacteria that cause cavities and periodontal disease. Contain the natural sugars fructose and glucose, which are less likely to cause cavities.
Sea Salt Gargle with salt and warm water to kill bacteria.
Stevia Added to toothpaste or mouthwash, inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay.

Beneficial Nutrients

Calcium Calcium deficiency causes the jawbone to surrender calcium to the rest of the body, thereby causing teeth to loosen and gaps to form in gums. These gaps collect bacteria which leads to further tooth and gum disease.
Chlorophyll Cleans and strengthens teeth and gums. Reduces bad breath.
Iron Helps prevent tooth decay.
Magnesium Helps prevent tooth decay. Aids in the absorption of calcium to build and strengthen teeth.
Phosphorous Essential for building and strengthening teeth. Calcium cannot build teeth without phosphorus. Too much calcium inhibits phosphorus absorption.
Silicon Helps prevent tooth decay and bleeding and receding gums. Some believe it can help reverse cavity formation. In children, silicon can lead to beautiful teeth and jaw formation.
Sulfur Strengthens and builds tooth enamel.
Vitamin C Take 3000-5000 mg of vitamin C two days before and 2-3 weeks after the removal of mercury fillings (Eating For Beauty, by David Wolfe). Fights gum disease.