About Us

Here at foodscout.org, we are obsessed with good health. We have spent years studying various approaches to health and experimenting with many different diets. We think of almost nothing else but how to create and maintain the best possible diet for optimal physical and mental health. We love to feel great and we know that what we eat is the most important factor in doing so.

Over the years, we have found so much incredible information but have had no convenient way of referring back to it when we needed it. Having to re-research everything we had already learned when new questions arose was tedious and prohibitive to optimal health. foodscout.org is our answer to this problem.

Our personal search for optimal health has led us to a diet of unprocessed, plant-based, mostly raw foods, so the information on foodscout.org reflects that point of view. No matter what your dietary leanings, though, we hope you find value in the information provided here.

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