Kelp is a type of large seaweed that grows in clear shallow ocean waters. It thrives in luke-warm, nutrient-rich water. Kombu is a popular type of kelp.

Kelp is best known for consistently high levels of iodine, which is critical for healthy thyroid function. Eating too much kelp can lead to ulcers on the skin, sometimes called "kelp acne," that result from iodine toxicity.

Serving size: 2 Tbsp.
Region: Coastal regions throughout the world

Health Benefits

Thyroid Relatively consistent levels of iodine make kelp an excellent supplemental food for thyroid dysfunction resulting from iodine deficiency.


Chlorophyll N/A N/A All sea vegetables are excellent concentrated sources of chlorophyll.
Iodine N/A N/A Has relatively consistent levels of iodine compared to other some sea vegetables.
Iron 0.3 mg 2% Higher in iron, per volume, than other vegetables.
Sodium N/A N/A Natural sea salts in sea vegetables are rich in minerals.
Tin N/A N/A