The gallbladder is a small organ connected to the liver that stores and concentrates bile for the digestion of fats. Gallstones form in the gallbladder when substances in the bile crystallize. They are more common in people who are obese, people over 40 years old, and women. When too many gallstones develop, they can cause pain below the right side of the rib cage, particularly after eating a high-fat meal.

Many people have used a "gallbladder flush", which includes periods of fasting and consuming lemon juice and olive oil, to remove gallstones. This should only be used under the care of a qualified natural health care practitioner. People with severe gallstones have occasionally required hospital care due to large stones becoming lodged in the bile duct.

Beneficial Foods

Coconut Oil Less burden on the gallbladder than other oils.
Dandelion Greens Cleansing and healing to the gallbladder. Typically, the roots or juice from the leaves are used for this.
Lemon Fresh lemon juice is commonly used as part of a "gallbladder flush".
Olive Oil Cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil is commonly used as part of a "gallbladder flush".
Pears The fruit or juice, eaten liberally, has a healing effect on all gallbladder disorders, including gallstones.
Watercress Juiced watercress can help normalize gallbladder function.

Beneficial Nutrients

Chlorophyll Has a cleansing effect which helps prevent gallbladder disorders.
Fiber Prevents gallstones.