Pears are considered to be a hypoallergenic fruit, so they are particularly recommended for people with food allergies and for infants first being introduced to fruits.

According to the Environmental Walking Group, non-organic pears have the 10th highest amount of pesticide residue among the 43 most common fruits and vegetables, so it is best to choose organic pears.

The nutritional information varies between different varieties of pear.

Serving size: 1 medium pear, with skin
Region: China, Italy, Mexico, and California

Health Benefits

Gallbladder The fruit or juice, eaten liberally, has a healing effect on all gallbladder disorders, including gallstones.


Boron N/A N/A
Carbohydrates 27.5 g 9%
Fiber 5.5 g 22% Eat with the skin in order to maximize fiber intake.