Sea Salt

Sea Salt

Sea salt is unrefined, natural salt harvested from the Earth's salt waters. Sea salt is healing to the body because it provides essential minerals and electrolytes, stimulates digestion, and helps resist infections and harmful bacteria. Refined white table salt, on the other hand, uses a chemical refining process that removes all of the trace minerals.

Celtic sea salt and Himalayan sea salt are the most commonly recommended because their waters offer a richer mix of minerals.

Serving size: 1/4 tsp
Region: French coast, Himalayan Mountain waters

Health Benefits

Antibacterial Helps resist bacterial infections.
Hydrochloric Acid Natural salts are necessary for production of hydrochloric acid.
Teeth and Gums Gargle with salt and warm water to kill bacteria.


Sodium 460 mg 17% A natural mineral-rich alternative to regular table salt.