The radish plant is most often used for its roots, but the green leaves are also edible and nutritious. Radish sprouts have a milder flavor than radishes, and are an alternate way to add the health benefits of radishes to a salad.

There are several varieties of radish commonly sold in grocery stores. The most common is the red globe radish, which is small and round with red and white skin. Black radishes look similar to a turnip or beet. Daikon radishes are large, white, and carrot-shaped.

Region: Throughout the world

Health Benefits

Circulation Stimulate circulation.
Colon Powerful mucus dissolver, especially black radishes.
Digestion - General Dissolve mucus in the digestive tract, especially black radishes. Stimulate bile flow.
Kidneys Natural kidney cleansers. Improve elimination. Radish juice helps break down kidney stones.
Liver Stimulate liver function.
Sinuses Dissolve mucus on the sinuses.
Skin Bring a "glow" to the skin.
Thyroid Used in Russia for treating thyroid imbalances, particularly black radishes.


Silicon N/A N/A Red radishes have the highest silicon content of all the radishes.
Sulfur N/A N/A Black radishes have the highest sulfur content of all the radishes.