The word sinus can refer to any number of air-filled cavities in the body, but the word is typically used in reference to the paranasal sinuses surrounding the nose. The biological purpose of these sinuses is still being debated.

The sinuses can become blocked and inflamed as a result of an allergic, viral, fungal, or bacterial infection, preventing mucus from draining normally.

Beneficial Foods

Garlic Helps break up mucus congestion.
Hot Peppers The capsaicin in hot peppers is very effective against chronic sinus infections (sinusitis), congested nasal passages, sinus-related allergy symptoms.
Onions Help break up mucus congestion when eaten raw.
Radishes Dissolve mucus on the sinuses.

Beneficial Nutrients

Vitamin A Helps build healthy mucus membranes in the head and throat. Large quantities help relieve existing sinus congestion.
Vitamin C Effective against sinusitis.