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Dark Field Microscopy – A quick, effective, and interesting health check

Dark Field Microscopy - www.serafin.chFor those of us who are doing our best to improve our health, it’s difficult to know how healthy we really are. There are hundreds of tests to check for disease when you are showing symptoms, but not much guidance for relatively healthy people.

Dark field microscopy is a technology that allows you to look directly at your living blood through a microscope that is hooked up to a TV monitor. As a patient, you view your blood while the doctor explains to you what you are seeing. Yeast, toxins, and undigested food are detectable on the monitor. Protein, iron, or B-12 deficiencies cause the blood cells to take on a distinctive look. You can see just how closely your blood resembles the healthy ideal and what health issues need to be addressed.

My blood cells were teardrop shaped, indicating a protein deficiency. I also had undigested food, due to “leaky gut syndrome.” My girlfriend was able to see that she had yeast in her blood, no doubt because of her sweet tooth. Cells with the wrong color in the center indicated that she also needed more iron. Only a few weeks earlier, traditional medical doctors had concluded that she was in perfect health. We both showed quite a bit of toxins in our system.

The doctor recommended a variety of supplements (that his clinic sells) to fix our health issues. We opted to do our own research and address them on our own, through dietary changes. When we returned for another test 8 months later, most of our issues had disappeared or improved considerably.

According to the doctor, virtually everyone has toxins or deficiencies that are viewable in their blood – even infants. Whether you are struggling with serious health issues or well on your way to optimal health, dark field microscopy is a useful indicator for your current state of heath. Check with alternative health professionals in your area.

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  1. Dr.M.Jones on 25 Mar 2009 at 9:32 pm

    There is a powerful ionizer-Taki Ion Medic medical patent- invented in Japan that can change the blood in 10 minutes!By sitting in front of the device the blood by darkfield was checked pre and post and in every case it changed to a ‘normal’status.Other similar devices had no effect.
    Saw one on could only find it on Asian websites for some 2,500$!

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