Sexual Function

Sexual function refers to all stages of sexual activity, including sex drive, arousal, and orgasm. Psychological issues and physical trauma play a role in many cases of sexual dysfunction. In other cases, lifestyle changes can make a big impact.

Chemical additives that interfere with hormone balance can disrupt all stages of sexual activity. Diets high in fat and cholesterol as well as smoking can impair blood flow to the sex organs. Excessive alcohol consumption decreases responsiveness to sexual stimuli. Regular exercise can help physically by increasing blood flow and nutrients to the sex organs as well as psychologically by improving mood and body image. Yoga or other forms of relaxation and stress relief can also help against dysfunction in all phases of sexual activity.

Beneficial Foods

Burdock Root Believed to be an aphrodisiac by the Chinese.
Coconut (Young) The soft white meat restores male sexual fluids.
Durian Asian legends say that durian is a powerful aphrodisiac.
Maca An aphrodisiac.
Onions Increase the strength of orgasm.
Pumpkin Seeds An aphrodisiac. Build hormones and activate sexual organs in women. Increase sperm count and deliver zinc to the prostate in men.

Beneficial Nutrients

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Stimulate the production of sex hormones.
Vitamin E Helps regulate the production of cervical mucus.
Zinc Increases sex drive in both men and women. Nourishes the sex organs.