The key to healthy, thick, beautiful hair is an ample flow of blood and nutrients to the hair follicles. Clogging the digestive tract and fine capillaries by ingesting mucus-causing foods is a common cause of poor nutrient delivery to the hair follicles. Grey hair is often caused by nutritional deficiencies, and can be reversed naturally with proper diet and improved digestion.

Hair is made up of 97% protein, which means that foods that are rich in protein but that are low in fat and not mucus forming are critical to hair growth. Generally speaking, animal proteins tend to be mucus-forming and abrasive.

Beneficial Foods

Apples Promote hair growth.
Hemp Strengthens hair.
Leafy Greens - General Reverse greying of hair. Should be well blended to assimilate available nutrients.
Nettles Restore color when eaten or juiced and used as a hair rinse.
Sesame Seeds/Tahini Black tahini, made from ground black sesame seeds, has been known to reverse grey hair.
Stevia Added to soap can relieve dandruff, improves luster of hair, and helps retain natural hair color.

Beneficial Nutrients

Copper Can help prevent and reverse grey hair.
Omega-3 Fatty Acids A deficiency can lead to brittle, dull hair.
Silicon Can help prevent and reverse grey hair.
Sulfur Brings strength and shine to hair. Can make hair more curly. Can help prevent and reverse grey hair.
Tin May prevent or reverse male pattern baldness.
Vitamin B6 Can prevent and reverse grey hair.
Vitamin B12 A deficiency may cause dandruff.
Zinc May reverse alopecia or "spot baldness".