The varieties of mango that we find in grocery stores today are very different from their wild cousins in Southern Asia. Wild mangoes have a rope-like texture and a taste similar to turpentine. Mangoes have been cultivated for thousands of years to develop into popular varieties we have today.

Mangoes should be soft, but solid. Mangoes can continue to ripen after they have been picked. Hard mangoes can be left out in room temperature to ripen until they have softened. You can place them in a paper bag to speed the ripening process.

Serving size: 1 fruit
Region: India

Health Benefits

Antiviral Mango juice has been shown to destroy viruses.
Digestion - General Enzymes in raw mangoes improve digestion.
Skin Eating the fruit helps relieve clogged pores.


Carbohydrates 35 g 12%
Copper 0.2 mg 10%
Fiber 3.7 g 15% A good source of the soluble fiber pectin, which slows sugar absorption.
Vitamin A 1584 IU 32%
Vitamin B6 0.3 mg 17%
Vitamin B9/Folate 29 mcg 15%
Vitamin C 57.3 mg 96%