Horsetail is a non-flowering weed that can be found growing throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Horsetail is known to have been used by the ancient Greeks and Romans for its healing properties. It owes its health benefits to its silicon content, which is higher, by far in horsetail, than in any other plant.

Horsetail can be juiced, or used as a dried herb or tea. Excessive use of horsetail can cause irreversible kidney damage due to its high levels of silicon. People who suffer from high blood pressure or heart disease should avoid horsetail.

Region: Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America

Health Benefits

Bones Consumed daily as a tea for up to a month can help heal broken bones.
Nails Especially high in silicon, which strengthens nails.
Skin Helps wounds heal.
Urinary Tract Used medicinally to treat adult bed-wetting, bladder infections, bladder weakness, and a persistent urge to urinate.


Silicon N/A N/A One of the best sources of silicon. Can be made into a tea.