Cashews are more stable than most other nuts but should still be stored in sealed containers in the refrigerator to prevent them from turning rancid.

Most cashews are steamed in order to remove the nuts from their hard shells. This is true even for those labeled as "raw" in bulk foods section of grocery stores. Truly raw cashews can be found online and in some health food stores.

Serving size: 28 g
Region: South America, India


Copper 0.6 mg 30%
Iron 1.9 mg 13%
Magnesium 81.8 mg 20%
Manganese 0.5 mg 17%
Omega-6 Fatty Acids 2179 mg N/A
Omega-9 Fatty Acids N/A N/A
Phosphorous 490 mg 41%
Potassium 565 mg 16%
Protein/Amino Acids 5.1 g 10%
Zinc 1.6 mg 11% One of the best sources of assimilable zinc.