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Spring Planting in the Foodscout Garden

Winter is finally over! The sun has been out and we haven’t seen sub-freezing temperatures in at least a week. Time to plant our early spring vegetables! Here’s what’s happening in our southern Appalachian area garden. If you live in a different climate, like Arizona for instance, you will need to look at what grows at this time in your area.

Our beets, red lettuce, tat soi, and collards made it through the very tough winter with a lot of help from our portable greenhouse tent. Once the air started heating up, the greens began to really flourish again. Additionally, some seeds that we planted much too late last fall that we thought were wasted, actually began to sprout last week! Winter lettuce and arugula is coming up.

To add to what we’ve got in place, we’re planting some good early spring seeds. Snow peas, chard, dino (lacinato) kale, more beets, and green bunching onions.

You’ll notice that our garden is really heavy on the greens. There are 2 reasons for that:

  1. We eat TONS of greens, typically in the form of a green smoothie every night for dinner and
  2. Greens do very well during these colder months.

The fruit vegetables, such as tomatoes and cucumbers, will have to wait for another month or two.

Update: On a walk around the neighborhood today, I stopped by a neighbor’s house who was getting rid of some strawberry plants after thinning out her garden. So I went ahead and planted some strawberries in one of my garden beds, as well as incorporating a few in random places throughout my front yard landscaping. We’ll see how they do.

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